Open Daily 11am - 12am

518 W Grace St Ste B
Richmond, VA 23220

Driply Vapes is Richmond, VA's late night smoke shop.

Whether you are looking for the newest Smok device or you need e-juice in Richmond, VA.  We got you covered.  We are Richmond, VA’s premier vape shop.  We are open late and provide delivery options.

Driply Vape Shop, Smoke Shop and CBD Shop in Richmond, VA

Save money with our membership program. Earn rewards.

Visit us in Richmond, VA at our store or order delivery for fast service.

Driply Vape Shop is open late in Richmond, VA. Daily 11am - 12am

We are the number one rated vape shop in Richmond, VA. Find out why.

Vape Shop Richmond, VA

Are you looking for a smoke shop with top-quality service with the best prices in Richmond, VA? We got you covered.  Started in 2016 we are the top-rated vape shop in central Virginia.  

Introducing Driply Memberships

We are excited to introduce memberships at Driply Vapes. We are offering two tiers of memberships with great ways to save all year long.

Driply Plus Membership - $49.99/year

The Driply Plus membership is for casual vape users looking for a way to save money all year long. The Driply Plus membership comes with the following perks: 

  • Three free deliveries per month
  • 7.5% savings on all in-store purchases 
  • Monthly giveaway to Plus members

Driply Premium Membership - $99.99/year

The Driply Premium membership is for loyal Driply Vapes customers looking for a way to be rewarded. The Driply Premium membership comes with the following perks: 

  • Three free deliveries per month
  • 10% savings on all purchases 
  • 2 monthly giveaways to Premium members